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Prime Day Deals for Moms and Moms-To-Be

Hey Shoppers! Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner!  If you don’t know, Prime Day is Amazon’s annual celebration of its Prime members.  Thousands of items are greatly reduced in price starting July 16th at 3 pm EST through 11:59 EST on July 17th.  Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that I […] Read more…

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The Busty Girls Guide to Breastfeeding

Misconceptions of a Busty Breastfeeding Momma A large bust does NOT mean you are going to be: A Natural at Breastfeeding There are no guarantees with this experience.  Some women and their babies simply take to breastfeeding easier than others.  In fact, larger chested women usually have to put in a little more work to breastfeed […] Read more…

How to care for toddler curls, curly, hair, toddler hair, baby hair, frizzy hair

How to Care for Toddler Curls

Curls were a mystery to me. My hair is thick and wavy. My first child’s hair is thin and pin straight.   When my second child starting growing out curly little ringlets, I was at a total loss for what to do with them.  In the beginning, I treated her hair just like her sisters, […] Read more…

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Summer Learning: Keep your Child Engaged with!

It’s common knowledge these days that playtime is a large part of a child’s development.  Summer is a great opportunity for daily play.  Oftentimes though, playtime does not spontaneously happen on its own.  Especially with younger, less independent children, playtime is started and encouraged by the parent.  This is fine on occasion, but can often […] Read more…

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3 Things to Stop for Your Best Summer Ever

The Season is (FINALLY) Changing It’s been a LONG winter.  Like too long.  I am done with it. via GIPHY So like any other normal person with cabin fever (and three tiny kids) I’ve started a to make a list of all the fun things and activities we can do when the weather finally warms up. […] Read more…

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The 2 Diaper Bag System: Car and Carry

Oh, the work that goes into a day trip with kids… It’s not easy to anticipate every need of your child when planning to go out with them. Will they be too cold? do they need a snack (or ten)? Will they need a change of clothes? Different shoes?  Do you need a baby carrier?  […] Read more…

How to conquer stay at home mom syndrome, ultimate bundles, homemaking

How to Beat Stay at Home Mom Syndrome

Being a homemaker often comes with a lot of misconceptions It’s not always cupcake, nap, self-care, or play time.  In fact, it’s usually the opposite of the typical assumptions.  Caring for children, cooking, cleaning, managing finances, being an educator, and maintaining your marriage and identity is an incredible amount of responsibility left on one person. […] Read more…

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Diet Like a (Mom) Boss

Regardless the type of diet you are trying to follow, it becomes 750,000 times harder when you have a family to feed as well.  If you’ve ever had to diet when you were single, the difference will be startling.  Shocking.  Almost impossible. No one wants to eat your “diet” foods and you can’t eat their […] Read more…

Unstuffed Easter eggs, easter, traditions

Unstuffed Easter Eggs and Traditions

Oh, Easter Bunny.  Thank you for creating such a tedious tradition for moms and dads everywhere of stuffing a million plastic eggs with candy, stickers, and cheap tiny toys.  As if filling a basket with fun, entertaining, and sugary treats weren’t enough of a challenge for us, we have to make and hide plastic eggs too. […] Read more…

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