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The Season is (FINALLY) Changing

It’s been a LONG winter.  Like too long.  I am done with it.


So like any other normal person with cabin fever (and three tiny kids) I’ve started a to make a list of all the fun things and activities we can do when the weather finally warms up.  There is so much to do where we live, especially in the summer months.  Water is all around to swim in, lush green to adventure in, summer fairs, and plenty of kid-friendly activities.  With a little luck, my summer bucket list will keep us entertained straight through the sunny days and warm nights into the cool evenings of fall.  I am especially motivated this year because this is my oldest child’s last couple of months of being little before she starts kindergarten.  My heart breaks every time I think about it, but I know that she is ready and excited about the new adventure of going to school.  But in the meantime, I want to make some lasting memories before she changes.

Along with my ambitious plan to make summer the best for my children, I’ve also taken some time to think about how I could make the season better for me too.  The cold (snowy, rainy) days of winter make it easy to zone out doing solitary activities to fill the day.  The kids get lost in art projects, while I work at the computer.  There are variances, of course, but we do a lot of staying home and entertaining ourselves when the weather is unfavorable.  The warm weather is so not about that.  It sparks togetherness and presence.  So with that in mind, here are my chosen…

Summer, habits, quit, intention, goal,  3 Things to Stop to Create the Best Summer with My Family

  1. STOP Cooking


    These guys right here are going to be my best friends for the next few months!  Summertime is full of day trips and unplanned activities, freezer cooking will give you the freedom you need to do those things!  It will also help to make sure you are spending your hard earned money on adventures and not eating out too often.  Using a Crock Pot or Instant Pot will help you keep your home cool on really hot days and keep the family dinner hour at a regular time!

    The concept of freezer meals is pretty simple, with two methods to work with.
    1.) Freezer Cooking:  Prepping raw ingredients into a single freezer bag.  On cook day, toss into a crockpot and let cook all day.
    2.) Freezer Meals:  Preprepared, cooked dishes that are portioned and frozen.  On cook day, items can be placed in a crock pot, Instant Pot (manual pressure cooker), or the oven.

    Personally, I like to try to do a little of both.  Label each item to include cook time, temperature, and what additional ingredients the recipe requires (i.e. taco meat/black bean mix will need shredded cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and shells).  Set it, forget it, and go play!

  2. STOP Being so Self Conscious

    I am an overthinker, an over-worrier, and an over-analyzer.  There are decisions I’ve have made in my life ten years ago that I still waste time thinking about now, it’s just my nature.  Being that type of person, I tend to sit out the silly fun stuff and choose to be the family photographer.  Now I’m not ready to throw all dignity out of the window, but I am going to try to let some of my self-consciousness go.  I will wear a bathing suit to the beach, slide down that play structure without hesitation, and play tag like my life depends on it.  Part of making lasting memories is by participating in them.  My goal is to have my children look back on their childhood and remember the moments we shared together… not with mom off to the side watching. That self-consciousness adult will not prevent me from doing silly things and having fun!

  3. STOP Social Media Binging

    Although I don’t have any intentions of “unplugging” this summer, I will be online a lot less.  My phone functions are going to be reprioritized to this order:
    1.) Camera
    2.) Communication Device
    3.) Music Machine (Thank you Spotify!)
    4.) GPS
    5.) And that’s it!

How will YOU Create Your Best Summer?

Those are my 3 intentions.  I spent a lot of time thinking about what it is that slows me down or disconnects me from our fun, and that is what I came up with. It’s all about presence for me this year.  Now, Momma, I think it’s your turn.  Do any of these things ring true for you? Are there other habits or activities that need to be halted for you this summer?  Think about it and share your 3 intentions in the comments.  I can’t wait to hear!

Happy Summer!

Melissa, xoxo, Sign off

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