Hi, I'm Melissa!

Thanks for visiting Momma’s Gonna Make It!  This blog is intended to help provide solutions for families, moms to be, and moms of young children.  It is not easy to do this ‘mom thing’ alone… so make yourself at home, you are welcome to join this village!  

I am so pleased that you’re here!  

I am a busy wife and a full-time Momma to three crazy little girls.  It is my (self-appointed) responsibility to find new ways to benefit my families well being, so we can live our best lives possible.

I also happen to be a professional dabbler, I have many different hobbies and time killers I like to involve myself in. Things that make me happy are photography, cooking, Spotify, blogging, paper crafting and Arrested Development. Oh, and I love a good margarita.

Of course, I’m also into Pinterest and Facebook.  Feel free to check me out there too!

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