Miracle Baby Balm - beef tallow

DIY Miracle Baby Balm

The Gift I Never Knew I Loved… Way back in 2013, when my first baby was born, I received a large jar of diaper rash cream (or baby balm) as a gift.  Aside from the tube of purchased, all natural diaper rash cream I kept in my purse for baby, the gifted jar was the […] Read more…

nail polish, paint strips, parchment paper, hacks, nail art

Painting Kids Nails without the Headache

Kids love painted nails.  Whether it be for a special occasion, Halloween, or a Tuesday, it’s always a big hit. The Problem is… …convincing kids to sit still long enough for the paint to dry.  It’s also pretty awful to have to chase them around the house, making sure they aren’t smearing paint all over […] Read more…

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