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How to Stop being a Dinner Time Waitress

Are you a waitress at home? Constantly jumping up and down out of your seat to fill everyone’s needs? When you have little ones, this is an easy trap to get caught up in.  If you aren’t careful, dinner can oftentimes look like this: Sit down to dinner with family Kids cry for juice that […] Read more…

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5 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Shopping

The holidays are right around the corner! Are you SO excited?! I used to not be so crazy, but since I’ve had kids, I want the holidays to start as soon as possible. Maybe it’s the cute Christmas clothes, maybe it’s the cookie decorating sessions, maybe it’s the spiked eggnog… I don’t know.  I just […] Read more…

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6 Great YouTube Channels for Kids

We live in a crazy world.  Thousands of movies and video games are accessible by our smartphones.  They can be a lifesaver, but they are also quite addictive for our little ones.  Starting an episode on Netflix often means that you lose your phone for the 25 minutes (or more) of showtime.  Giving them a […] Read more…

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When One Income is Not Enough

  Life happens.  Sometimes at a pace you can’t keep up with.  Unexpected medical bills, creeping credit card debt, or (like in my case) a burst underground sprinkler can sneak up on you during those moments of calm.  It’s overwhelming to be sent a bill you can’t pay.  What are some simple ways to bring […] Read more…

5 hacks to transition your toddler from crib to bed, 5 tips to transition toddler from crib to bed

5 Hacks to transition your toddler from crib to bed

Life is tough enough with a toddler.  They morph before your eyes from being a beautiful tiny stationary baby into a crazy bombshell who is basically just a super noisy blur of energy! It’s exhausting to watch them; let alone feed, clothe, bathe, and chase them down for bedtime. Oh, bedtime… what. a. chore. Bedtime […] Read more…

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