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It’s common knowledge these days that playtime is a large part of a child’s development.  Summer is a great opportunity for daily play.  Oftentimes though, playtime does not spontaneously happen on its own.  Especially with younger, less independent children, playtime is started and encouraged by the parent.  This is fine on occasion, but can often become overwhelming trying to find activities to fill the day.  This is where a great resource like comes into play (see what I did there?)

Dinosaur Eggs Activity, offers a variety of printable work pages, hands-on activities, and computer games to help keep your child engaged and learning.  Aimed at children from 2 to 11 years, there is a lot of value to be found here.  Parents can enjoy the lesson materials and activities along with their children.  There is no need to spend hours on Pinterest searching for creative activities or age-appropriate lessons, it’s all done for you here!

Check out this great lesson below provided by the folks at!

In this activity, students will open the eggs and discover…dinosaurs! Then, they will use the dinosaurs to solve basic subtraction equations.

For more fun and engaging learning activities, go to!

Dinosaur Eggs Activity,

What You Need:

  • Large plastic eggs

  • Small plastic dinosaurs, or any type of objects that will fit in the eggs

  • Paper

  • Pencil


What You Do:

  1. Put one different dinosaur in each egg.

  2. After the eggs are filled with the dinosaurs, put the eggs in a bowl.

  3. Have the student pick out eggs and open them to find the dinosaurs.

  4. Once the student opens all the eggs, he can take the dinosaurs out and begin to use them for equations.

  5. Help him make equations by using the dinosaurs and then writing the equation on the paper.  For example, he can set up 4 dinosaurs on one side and 3 dinosaurs on the other side, then on the piece of paper he can write 4 – 3 = ____. Finally, he can solve the equation.

  6. Continue by attempting to challenge the student with larger number equations. Give him the opportunity to use the dinosaurs to help him solve the equations.

Dinosaur Eggs Activity,

You can change up this activity by using other types of counters or mixing up counters, such as small counter bears that are available in different colors. Or make homemade counters, such as cutting colored straws, or pipe cleaners. offers two models to choose from.  There is a free access membership, and a monthly premium subscription which is ad-free and includes progress tracking.  We have been enjoying the lesson plans in our home, and find that they are easily adaptable to accommodate different ages in a single activity.  I highly encourage you to check out their website and try out a couple of lessons and see if this is the right fit your family.

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  1. Hats off to you. Very informative post.
    I admire those who home educate their children. I considered it for my eldest for a time but never felt that I was quite up to the task. It must be a steep learning curve for you all but I am sure that the rewards will be worth it for you al

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