9 Unique products that will grow with your kids

9 Unique Products That Grow With Your Kids

It’s no secret that babies are expensive There is a product for every need, age, and stage of their teeny tiny lives. The thing is, they grow super fast, so you don’t want to sink a bunch of money into a ton of items that will only last a couple of months. I have already talked […] Read more…

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Do You Need a Momma Timeout?

I am not always a perfect parent. I get mad. I yell… sometimes a lot. I say things I shouldn’t on occasion too. Someone should really put me in time out. I am not the first person to admit that I often can lose my cool with my kids, but it still gives me a […] Read more…

5 Super Effective Bedtime Habits for Children

5 Super Effective Bedtime Habits for Children

The Witching Hour I don’t know about your house, but at 7 pm every night weird things start to happen.  My calm, beautiful, sweet children turn into crazy monsters.  Bedtime is at 8 o’clock and somehow my children’s little bodies know exactly what time it is, and start expelling all of their excess energy as quickly […] Read more…

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Painting Kids Nails without the Headache

Kids love painted nails.  Whether it be for a special occasion, Halloween, or a Tuesday, it’s always a big hit. The Problem is… …convincing kids to sit still long enough for the paint to dry.  It’s also pretty awful to have to chase them around the house, making sure they aren’t smearing paint all over […] Read more…

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The Best Places to Buy Character Free Kid Clothes

Call me crazy …but I love children’s clothing. Call me crazier, but I loathe cartoon characters and sassy sayings on children’s clothes. A random puppy, cat, dinosaur, or bird?  Fine.  Spaceships, bicycles, or cars?  Cool.  Polka dots, stripes, flowers, and plaid?  Love it!  Minnie Mouse?  Not so much.  “I love drama like my mama” tee shirts? […] Read more…

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6 Great YouTube Channels for Kids

We live in a crazy world.  Thousands of movies and video games are accessible by our smartphones.  They can be a lifesaver, but they are also quite addictive for our little ones.  Starting an episode on Netflix often means that you lose your phone for the 25 minutes (or more) of showtime.  Giving them a […] Read more…

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