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How to conquer stay at home mom syndrome, ultimate bundles, homemaking

How to Beat Stay at Home Mom Syndrome

Being a homemaker often comes with a lot of misconceptions It’s not always cupcake, nap, self-care, or play time.  In fact, it’s usually the opposite of the typical assumptions.  Caring for children, cooking, cleaning, managing finances, being an educator, and maintaining your marriage and identity is an incredible amount of responsibility left on one person. […] Read more…

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When One Income is Not Enough

  Life happens.  Sometimes at a pace you can’t keep up with.  Unexpected medical bills, creeping credit card debt, or (like in my case) a burst underground sprinkler can sneak up on you during those moments of calm.  It’s overwhelming to be sent a bill you can’t pay.  What are some simple ways to bring […] Read more…

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