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 Get on their level (Literally)

So many pictures are taken from the ‘parent perspective’.  Shake up your photos of your kids by lowering to their height.  You can capture so much more detail of your child by being on their level, it’s worth the few seconds it takes to achieve it. Bonus: If you’re really feeling ambitious, lay down on the floor and get a few shots from that angle.  It’s a great way to get those chubby cheeks to show through in the shot!

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Here’s the normal ‘parent perspective’ photo.

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Getting down on their level – much better!

Use the rule of thirds

Turn on the grid lines on your phone.  They are super useful to help you align your photos. Basically, you want your subject to be centered on one of the gridlines.  Best case is the capture their face (especially an eye) at one of the intersections of the gridlines.  The viewer’s eye is drawn to these sections marked out with the grids.  It will make for a more aesthetically pleasing picture.

Use the grid to line your subject

iPhone Users: Turn off the Live Photos function

Live photos are really only good for live photos.  Trying to capture a sharp image with that feature on is pretty difficult.  Unless you are wanting to capture a live photo, I’d leave this feature turned off.  As an extra incentive, turning off the live photos feature saves a lot of space on your phone. WIN.

Invest in Shultz Photo School

Kyle is an amazing teacher.  As a professional photographer, he was constantly asked for advice from his clients on how they could take better pictures of their children.  This compelled him to create a photography course especially for parents who want to get the best every day images of their kids.   He has a real heart for photography and genuinely wants to share everything he knows with his audience.  Without hesitation, I recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in photography.

Click here to try his free 7-day course.

Have a mini-athlete?  Click here for his sports photography course for parents.

Happy clicking!


Melissa, xoxo, Sign off

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